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We weren’t built to swim. We’re land dwellers and the muscles required to move around freely on land, in a vertical position, are not used in the same way as those required to move smoothly through the denser medium of water, where of course we are horizontal.

Strength is beneficial in most sports, in swimming too, just look at the physique of elite swimmers. But swimming is a sport where technique, strength and endurance must come together for performance to improve

You will engage multiple muscle groups in the act of swimming. If you are new to the sport those muscles may be weak and short on stamina. Far from being arm and leg specific, you require a strong and flexible core, with the shoulders, back and chest muscles all coordinating to help propel you forward. Even the hands and feet play a vital role, where inaccurate positioning due to lack of flexibility can make life really tough.

A personal training plan will help you to maintain balance in the water (core), strengthen your pull (hand, arm, shoulder, chest and back) and propulsion (hips, legs, feet), improve your rotation (chest, back, core, hips) and enhance your cardio fitness.

Below are more reasons why your swimming will benefit from Personal Training:

  • To hit Specific Goals
    You want structure and support to hit your chosen health or fitness goals. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. You want a plan specifically tailored for you that is measurable, attainable within the time you have available and suits your lifestyle
  • To be held Accountable
    Committing to a PT will make you accountable and more likely to remain focused on achieving your goals in spite of the inevitable distractions and external pressures of day-to-day life
  • To be Motivated
    Under a PT ‘s guidance you will dig deeper to find that extra yard, to complete that final rep, to push the boundaries and step out of your comfort zone. You are more capable than you think you are
  • To be Challenged
    Your PT will plan progressions that keep you challenged but not overstretched. There’s a fine line. Work together to explore your limits
  • To Overcome a Plateau
    Despite best efforts some goals remain elusive. This can lead to frustration, boredom and ever diminishing motivation. A PT will analyse and identify where you need to improve and provide a fresh approach to your training. You rarely break through a plateau without mixing it up
  • To Train Smart
    Working with a PT who knows you, your needs and your commitments will help you to train smarter. Training smart saves time and gets results
  • To Build Confidence
    Desire to learn the correct form for each exercise will help you to avoid injury and will build the confidence to complete the workouts on your own
  • To Deal with a Specific Injury or Condition
    A PT will identify the appropriate exercises to aid your recovery and those exercises to be avoided. By rectifying bad habits and addressing weaknesses you can be assured the quality of your workout will not be compromised
  • To be Engaged through Variety
    Experience and knowledge will allow a PT to employ various training methods and make use of an array of equipment and exercises to maximise engagement and keep things interesting
  • To Improve Wellbeing
    Focussing on a health or fitness goal is not only physically rewarding but can also be great for your mental health
  • Request a Call
    To request a call please email me: I look forward to hearing from you.
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