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Hi, my name is Alex and I’m the Founder and Owner of Triforia.

CAREER (pre-coaching)

After graduating in 1994 with a degree in modern languages I found my way into the city and spent the best part of 20 years working for various American and European investment banks.


I ran my first Marathon in New York in 1999 (aged 28) and have now completed a total of 19* with a PB of 03:05:08 and a goal for no. 20 of 3 hours at the age of 52. Along the way I have accumulated both the knowledge and practical experience to prepare you for every distance from 5K, 10K and Half Marathon to Ultras


While on holiday in the spring of 2013 I read Chrissie Wellington’s inspiring autobiography “A Life Without Limits” and resolved instantly to sign up for the Eton Dorney Standard Distance triathlon. It’s the perfect venue for newcomers and I found myself completely hooked. Since then I have racked up multiple Standard (Olympic) distance finishes, including GB Age Group qualification.

In 2014 I tried my hand at Middle Distance (70.3) and have now completed 17, using each event (as many triathletes do) as an excuse to travel widely both in the UK and abroad. My all-time favourite remains the iconic Ironman Aix-en-Provence 70.3. A first attempt at the Full Distance came in 2018** , a landmark year for me since it is also when I made the decision to quit banking and fully immerse myself in the world of coaching. Crossing that finish line for the first time (Challenge Roth in my case) is a hugely emotional experience. Should you ever choose to go there, I would strongly recommend you share that moment with your nearest and dearest!


[Adventure racing + Ultras]

While dedication to one sport can be powerful and fulfilling it is also rewarding to branch out and take on new challenges. In 2019 I joined forces with a friend to take on Rat Race’s Scottish Highlands Coast to Coast, a 105-mile endurance event entailing 21 miles on foot, 83 miles on the bike (part trail) and a 1km kayak paddle to finish. Gusting winds and torrential rain added to the challenge but that finish line sense of achievement was one to treasure.

And of course it was only a matter of time before I dipped my toe into the world of Ultra Running and there can be no better event for the uninitiated than Go Beyond Sport’s Thames Trot, a 47 mile point to point starting in Oxford and finishing in Henley. The training plan I put together for this event got me round in good time and hungry to take on another in 2023



My first qualification was as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, becoming a resident PT at Soho Farmhouse in 2018. Strength and conditioning is so vital to performance gains and injury prevention that it makes perfect sense to use it as the foundation on which to build your coaching career

I subsequently qualified as a BTF Triathlon Coach, first at Level 1 in 2019 before stepping up to Level 2 in 2022. This has certified me to run regular weekly group training sessions at the track and poolside for my local triathlon club Team Cherwell. It has also enabled me to build up a loyal base of private clients through my coaching company Triforia.

Further coaching qualifications include CIMPSA accredited Certificates in Group Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell Training and Suspension Fitness (TRX). Most recently I was awarded a Level 1 RPL Accreditation from British Cycling (2022) and a Level 1 Coaching certificate with TrainingPeaks, the world leading app for planning, tracking and analysing training.


I love the diversity within my chosen sports and have great pleasure in training men and women of all ages and abilities.



From 2013 to 2018 I had to figure out how to successfully manage the reality of a 3-hour daily commute and a 10-hour stint in the office with:

(i) a demanding job

(ii) a desire to spend quality time with family and friends

(iii) training hard (but smart) to achieve specific goals at my chosen event while

(iv) ensuring I got the necessary sleep to avoid the perils of over-training

For those clients that lead happy but hectic lives I am here for you and feel well qualified to help you realise your sporting ambitions!


*London (6), New York (3), Manchester (2), Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brighton, Jersey,

Edinburgh, Loch Ness and 1 Virtual event


**I have now completed 4 Full distance triathlons including Ironman Bolton and 2 visits to the famous Challenge Roth in Germany where on the 2nd attempt I got my PB of 10:41:50

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