I was really happy with the results from the training plan that Alex developed for me. I wasn’t just given a plan and left to it, he reviewed my progress and provided feedback really regularly and tweaked the program according to my progress and to fit with work and life. We set a goal months and months before the marathon and nailed the time on the day, I felt really confident going into the event and enjoyed it so much more because I felt really prepared, thanks Alex, couldn’t have done it without you!


Alex has been a fantastic coach for me, twice getting me to my race time goal. Second time around was difficult as I had some illness and injury to contend with. Alex amended my training plan twice and was a great motivator throughout, helping me achieve my time. Will be using him again to get to my new marathon race time goal! 


"When I met Alex I was a generally fit but slightly overweight runner who had done a handful of super sprint triathlons. However, lockdown hit, I was cycling more and I signed up to a 70.3. As an underconfident swimmer and having never used tri bars on my bike nor trained for a race of that length, I asked Alex for help and it was the best choice I made. 


Alex mapped out my entire training plan on a weekly basis (working with me to be flexible about my various other commitments, training niggles and general levels of energy and enthusiasm), gave regular direction and coaching to improve my skills in the pool and on the bike and gave guidance on nutrition and race day fuelling. In no way was Alex pushy at any time during my training but having him there held me to account and educated me about why each session was important. Having him there also allowed me to better celebrate the good days and stopped me getting down after a bad session. 


Having set out with a target of 6 hours for the 70.3, I completed it in 5:21 and now have a much better understanding of what is required to be successful when training for longer distance triathlons."


I had been running for about 10 years with very little progress and waivering commitment levels before I met Alex.  

Using his online running plans have had a dramatic impact.  I've really enjoyed the challenge and the structure of it - and after just 12 weeks I smashed my half marathon PB.  I really enjoy logging in each Sunday and seeing what the following week has in store, and by tracking the run on Garmin he can offer great insights and the comments really help to stay motivated.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking to start out with running or improve their times.  It's great value.  I can't wait to get started on the next 12 week plan.


" I have spent most of my life saying I can’t run and throughly hating any occasion where I was forced to. But at the ripe old age of 46 I decided to try the couch to 5k and to my surprise I found myself being able to run for extended periods of time which was helping my general fitness, easing long held aches and pains in lower back and knees and shaking those last few pounds of baby fat too! But after a while I realised I was stuck. My running had plateaued. I could run a 5k in half an hour and a 10k in an hour but I wasn’t improving. And that’s when Al came into his own. He encouraged me to set myself a challenging goal - something to work towards. So I signed up for a half marathon!! He then took my times and worked out a personalised programme to include interval training, slow runs, long runs and fast runs which was achievable and easy to maintain. The programme got me to run at varying paces and this turned out to be key. By keeping to the different paces I began to see improvement in my ability to run for longer, in my speed and and in my general fitness. The programme was a daily one which specified when I was to run and when I was to rest. Each week I had a long run, a short run and some sprint intervals plus two rest days. Sometimes I had a distance to achieve at a given pace, sometimes an amount of time at a given pace and I really liked that variety. It was never repetitive and its prescriptive nature was a good incentive not to take a day off. Having the rest days written in meant that I pushed through the days I didn’t want to go. The long runs were written in for a Sunday which meant I had time to do them. And so I kept to the programme and in 3 short months I was able to achieve my target time in my half!!


Al was available for tips, advice and encouragement every step of the way and I can't recommend him highly enough. His knowledge, personal experience and general understanding of fitness is exceptional. His ability to progress you from where you are and to set you targets that are achievable means that you avoid that defeating sense of failure. His programme helps you to achieve by allowing you to feel daily successes which result in noticeable long term improvements. He helped me achieve so much more than I ever dreamed possible for which I shall be eternally grateful !!"


" My first encounter with Alex was when I saw him coaching a group of swimmers in the pool at Soho Farmhouse, the same pool I habitually doggy paddled in having never had a swimming lesson other than being told by my gran to swim when she threw me in the freezing sea at Salcombe. I decided to approach Alex and find out if he would take on the challenge of taking me from that out of breath swimmer who sank after half a length of a short pool, to someone who could actually move with some semblance of a swimmer. His coaching has taken me to a competent level with great experienced verbal pointers along with a weekly written break down of each session. 

Having been impressed with Alex's knowledge of swimming, I asked if we could move into the gym as my fitness levels and mobility were also in need of some professional guidance. As with the swimming Alex has taken me to the next level and I have grown in confidence on the back of improved mobility and a much healthier connection with the gym. I won't bore you with the details of how I am measuring my personal improvement but I will tell you that I have been on this quest to get fit with many personal trainers and I can honestly say that having a connection with the person is the most important part about my training program. Alex has been a great listener to all my problems and has answered any question regarding weight, diet, stress and general life etc. with honesty and sincere kindness. Yes, I know I pay for his services and why would I need to give him an appraisal ? Simple, Alex is a professional and very likeable person and I look forward to my next training session with him."


"At the start of 2019 I wanted to set myself some goals which could be achieved by the end of the year – so I decided to set my self the challenge of running a half marathon, as well as building muscle bulk, losing body fat and improving general body condition along the way! I was comfortable running 5km and 10km distances in decent times, but I struggled to go longer distances pushing myself to get the right pacing for the time I wanted. I got into a rut of only running 5km and 10km distances and wasn't making any changes to my fitness or body condition. This is when I decided to start working with Alex! We decided on working to a tailored 3 month program where he would set me challenging weekly workouts and runs; consisting of interval training, hill repeats, slow paced runs, long runs, HIIT, weights sessions and more. All workouts were tracked, analysed and monitored through an app – this helped me to rate the difficulty of the session, how I felt etc which gave Alex feedback on the workouts he set which he could adjust if necessary, the next time. I loved how varied and challenging each weekly program was – but at the same time is was achievable and enjoyable. I not only started to enjoy the longer runs, I also saw the improvements in my pace and fitness. The weight was coming off and my muscle strength was improving. Alex was always available via email, text, phone to answer questions or for a bit of encouragement. Although I had a minor health issue prior to my race I still achieved it and I don't think I would have done without the support from Alex. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone – he has a great depth of knowledge and really understands your goals."


"I had wanted to complete a half ironman for over 10 years but only managed to complete part of the training before giving up. Alex set a structured training roadmap and provided great coaching and mental support thoughout the preparation process. He even guided me through my first open water swims. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching, discussions tips and support from Alex which culminated in the completion of the Woburn half ironman. I would happily have Alex guide me through the journey again."   


"I never saw myself as a runner; I never thought I'd enjoy it or be any good at it. Then, during the first lock down, with a pair of new trainers in hand I decided to have a go...I booked a few sessions with Alex to improve my technique and that was the start of a new passion.  

Alex subsequently steered me and drew up a running plan to help me train for two 10k's. He even ran one with me to help me achieve my desired time. Alex is a superb coach: patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and committed."